Barkley Marathons, April 2016 - RushofitAll (Jeff Calvert)

Leon Lutz and I did an all-night drive down to Frozen Head State Park in eastern Tennessee on March 31, 2016,  to attend the annual running of a once-obscure ultra-running event called the Barkley Marathons. Leon was working on a feature for Ultrarunning Magazine, covering the Barkley experience from the perspective of five participants, and I was along to get some photos to go with his story. The result: "Where Dreams Go to Change" ( Ultrarunning, July 2016)  is an excellent read, full of insight into the race and what makes Barkers tick.

Of course I came home with far more photos than Ultrarunning could publish, so I’m posting the rest of them here.  I’m pretty sure I have at least some shots of every runner out on the trail, along with a diverse array of other characters, and whatever else caught my eye.

They aren't captioned, but... they are in chronological order, and here's where I was: Bird Mt. (pre-race) > camp > Bird Mt at the top of the 1st big climb > top of Rat Jaw > camp > top of Rat Jaw > camp > road crossing at Flatrock Branch > camp.  Oh - all the images are tagged with searchable/clickable keywords (click into the full image and look at the bottom of your screen).

Please enjoy these images and feel free to share or download them (for personal, non-commercial use only, please).  And if you’re in a photo and want the original high-res files, just send me a note and I’m happy to send it to you.

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